Techno-savvy law firm shares secrets for success

How do you explain the techno-savvy — the understanding of both technology and its business value — that some lawyers instinctively
bring to their practices?


Maybe it’s found in their upbringing. David Feld’s entire family enjoyed computers, while Sonia Kalia introduced her family to computers when she was a teenager.


Today, “we’re considered the technology firm,” Feld says of Feld |Kalia Barristers & Solicitors, the real estate practice he and Kalia run. “We teach people how to use computers and gadgets on the side.” They also effectively put bits and bytes to work in their business.


Clients see technology in use whenever they visit the office. Given the fast-paced nature of residential real estate law, where files only stay open 30 to 60 days, the pair feel they have no choice. “Technology is the most helpful tool we have,” Kalia asserts.


“Transparency is the name of the game,” Feld offers as an explanation of the firm’s technology choices. He starts by explaining information on the firm’s web site, pointing to the search feature on the home page that lets people find information quickly.


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