New Build Condominium – Do You Get Interest On Your Deposits?

The short answer is ‘Yes … but’.  Section 82 of the Condominium Act (“Act”) legislates that the builder (also called the declarant) must pay you interest on any funds you have paid as a deposit towards your purchase.  This is great news for purchasers as we see more and more delays in the completion of new Toronto condominium projects and, as a result, builders holding purchaser deposits in trust for 3, 4, or 5 years and sometimes longer. Continue reading

Buying Real Estate – What is Title Insurance?

When we quote our all inclusive fee to a real estate purchaser and list the various items included – search fees, transfer fee, registration fee, title insurance, disbursements and HST – we are often asked ‘what is title insurance?’.  While title insurance is not a requirement in Ontario, as a firm, we purchase title insurance for every buyer as part of our services.  Here is a short summary of what title insurance is:

Continue reading