Updating to Windows 7 has perks, drawbacks

After years of galling “Hi, I’m a Mac — And I’m a PC” ads, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may want to make an ad out of the following anecdote:


Toronto real estate lawyer David Feld updated all 8 Vista PCs in his office to Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest operating system. Seeing how well the computers ran using Windows 7, he wiped the operating system from his Apple MacBook Air and installed Windows 7 on it as well.


“I’ve been using Macs for the last five years,” Feld says. “I believe Windows 7 wins.” A self-professed early adopter, Feld has nothing but praise for Windows 7. “It’s not crashy,” he explains. “It’s prettier, more fun to use — I’m trying hard to not say it’s more Mac-like — and it isn’t as daunting.”


This is the kind of news Ballmer and company crave after Vista, the previous version of Windows, earned Microsoft widespread scorn and disappointing sales. (Praise for Windows 7 has not echoed across the Internet the way criticism of Vista did, but after Vista, the relative quiet of Windows 7’s arrival must sound like good news to Microsoft.)


People in the legal industry, particularly those running older XP-based machines, may want to take note of certain improvements in Windows 7.


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Luigi Benetton is a Toronto-based freelance writer, editor and trainer — visit his site at http://luigibenetton.com/


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